Post- Lockdown Plan

Following the COVID-19 pandemic and the Lockdown, we are pleased to say that we are open. Things will look and feel very different in the ‘New World’ and though we will try to keep things as close to normal as possible, there will be some new rules and guidelines that we must all follow for the safety of ourselves and others.

If you are feeling unwell, please postpone your visit for a time when you are feeling better

We would suggest, especially if coming from the river, you allow extra time for your visit as things may to a little longer than usual.


Booking will be essential as we are a very small pub and are even more limited with the social distancing that we must all carry out. Please call 01726 832453 to book a table. We would even suggest booking a table if coming for a few drinks as we are trying to limit the number of people standing and drinking.

Due to the size of our tables we must restrict bookings to groups of no more than 6 people (if from the same household) and 4 (if from different households) Larger Groups will need to split over a number of tables and will be served as seperate tables throughout the visit.

If you have not made a booking, you may not be able to enter the premises, or may not be able to get food.

If you cannot make attend a booking, please call and cancel as we may be able to use that table for other customers


Our toilets will operate strictly with a one in one out policy. The only concession to this will be parents taking their children into the toilets.

Safely using the Pub

To ensure the safety of staff and other customers, we ask that everyone follows the current Social Distancing Guidelines. Keeping at least 1 meter apart (with precautions) or 2 meters without.

Tables will be assigned to customers on booking or on arrival. once your tables is assigned we cannot allow you to swap tables or move to a different table. Any group found doing this will incur a cleaning charge.

In fine weather, we will only book tables outdoors.
We will also be operating a one-way system inside the pub. Customers must enter through the FRONT DOOR ( located on Fore Street), and Exit through the Double Doors into the Garden.

Dogs must remain on a lead and under control at all times. If using retractable leads, please ensure they are locked at a sensible length. If your dog cannot be restrained in public places, we politely ask you to leave them at home.

Children must also remain at their tables and be accompanied to the toilets by an adult.

Please do not raise your voice, shout, Sing or chant as this can spread the infection very quickly.

Our staff are here to help, but please understand that to abide by these rules is the only way we are permitted to open. We will not tolerate rudeness or abusive behaviour towards staff.

Anyone found not adhering to these rules OR giving staff a hard time over it, will be asked to leaver the venue immediately. (and NO REFUND will be given).

All are Staff are human, and with the new systems in place, we are still learning and may make mistakes, we ask you to bare with us as we find our feet.

We have missed all our customers and look forward to seeing you all now that we are able to re-open.